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Oh hey, Witches, Bitches, and Whores...

I am so grateful you are here. 

Here are few ways to connect with me quick and easy...


Sign up for the Next Pussy Rave

This is a monthly donation based event with our own private DJ. When you opt in, you will be taken to a donation page, and emailed with more details on how to join us live.


Join the Facebook Community

Join the Witch Bitch Whore Facebook Group for exclusive lives, content, and connection in our coven. Make sure to answer the questions to receive admittance.


Let's Work Together

If you are looking for ways to work with me now, you can click here and find my 1:1 coaching, as well as group programs with all of the details. I can not wait to connect with you deeper and support you in your WBW journey.

What is the work that I do?


Why am I always talking about these three words that many find so offensive? Even terrifying to some? The mere mention of these words causes many women to contract inside.

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I’ve been called to help you embrace the Trinity of Power known as WBW.

Witch is your connection to the Divine, the extrasensory. It’s a connection with the natural world and its cycles, which includes a connection to YOU! You have to be IN yourself to Witch the F^ck Up! It’s creating and casting your unique brand of magic.

B*tch is the backbone of the whole operation. She is the drive to manifest. The push into action. She sets the boundaries, she takes up space, she stands in her truth speaking with her authentic voice. She is Visible As Fuck!!! She is Raw Power!

Wh&re is your sexual energy, your sexuality, your sensuality, your supreme seductress. She is ruled by Desire and therefore the North Star, leading the way towards your satisfaction and pleasure. She works with the raw, primal creative power of the universe, and together with the Witch and Bitch, your reality she gestates.

Together Witch, Bitch, and Whore form the Holy Triumvirate of Fierce Female Power. When they are in balance and activated, you become an unstoppable force. You have the Magic to Create Your Desires and Do it with Absolute Power and Pleasure.


The WBW Podcast with Amy Lorbati -  Where we work with the archetypes of Witch, Bitch and Whore.


I’m on a mission to dismantle the patriarchy and help you reclaim and step into your full spiritual, energetic, mental, emotional, sexual, and creative powers with each episode!

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Ready to unleash your WItch, Bitch & Whore?

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