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 One on One
Witch Bitch Whore™ Coaching
with The

Is this for you?

This is for you if you KNOW you are not living the life you truly want and are ready to change that.

This is for you if you are sick and tired of sitting on the fence and never starting your business or leaving corporate or doing what you know you really, really want.

This is for you if you have been watching me and wondering how the hell I am doing it.

This is for you if you want to step TF up and into your power.

What if...

What if you were connected to Divine Source and channeled your business while trusting your intuition and guidance system? What if you fully owned your unique flavor of Witch?⁣

What if you ran your business from your most Empowered and Highest Self? The Empress, The Queen, The Boss Bitsch of your total experience?⁣

What if you embodied the f*ck out of your brand while making the shit you want happen?⁣

What if you were so connected to Desire that you knew exactly what you wanted and headed straight for it guided by your turn-on as a beacon? Unapologetically going about your business and your pleasure?⁣

What if you could stand proudly in your corner of the world, boldly proclaiming your business, your value, and your worth?⁣

Maybe, just maybe, you have been watching me, wondering who I am, and what I am doing? My business is accelerating like a rocket, and the fuel is WitchBitchWhore™.⁣

If you want to unleash a version of yourself in your work, play, life, and love that you never even knew existed, say Yes to working with me, The Whoracle™, one on one. Six months of empowerment, expansion, expression, and transformation with me can be yours.

It’s ok if you feel called to work with me and are scared. The side effects of thinking about reclaiming your power run the gamut from ecstatic to terrified.⁣

What is it like working with the Whoracle™?

If you have been thinking about working with me, here's a testimonial of what it's like when you hire The Whoracle:

“Amy Lorbati, you have helped me become more of a b/tch than I ever expected but in the best possible way. Heck, I even bought a riding crop! You have a wisdom about you that is just pure gold and resonates deeply with my witch/btch/wh0re. I am more myself because of you...and being more of myself helps me serve this world with my gifts!”


🔥 “Amy is a killer motherfücking coach”
🔮 “The Witch Waker”
👁 “She totally helped me see where I could go bigger be more magical, magnetizing towards me while flirting my a§§ off and setting firm, strict, bìtchy boundaries”
💥 “Quit wasting time and book a call with the Whoracle because she will rock your world in SO MANY WAYS.”
👄 “If any of you badāss ladies are considering (or even not yet considering) hiring the Whoracle herself, Amy Lorbati, fùcking DO IT. I've only been working with her for less than a month and it's changing my life.”
👑 “My Whoracle Goddess Mother”
❤️ “I felt so held in my confusion and conflicting feelings around claiming and owning my witchiness”
🪐 “The Whoracle rocked my goddäm world today with the biggest breakthroughs ever. Talk about bringing in the super empowered feminine!”
⚡️ “If you haven't purchased Amy's activation yet, what in the fūck are you WAITING FOR?! LIBERATION IS HERE NOW!!!!!”
🧿 “After one coaching session with her I am on fire! It connected me right back to my powerful self and what gifts I truly have to offer. Like a veil lifted and I found the courage to reconnect to my dream self, my higher potential which I had put away somewhere on the shelf of “one day…maybe”

This is what happens when you say yes to reclaiming your power…

This is what happens when you finally allow yourself to be who you truly are without worrying about what anyone else thinks…

This is what happens when you start asking for what you want and being open to actually get it!!!

I work with consciousness. I work with the unconscious, subconscious and conscious mind. I help women undo conditioning and reprogram their beliefs.

I work with Emotions. I help women speak the language of their hearts and stand in their truth-speaking in their full voice.

I work with Desire. I help women discover who they truly are and what they long to create by connecting them with their deepest desires.

Once you master the power of your consciousness you can create what you want and that is magic.

Once you master the power of your emotions you have control of your response and that makes you formidable.

Once you master the power of your desire you get to have whatever you want!

 How to work with The Whoracle™?

I work as a consultant, mentor, coach and guide for women who want to reclaim their absolute power so they can live the lives of their dreams. 



+  1:1 Private Coaching

+  Group Coaching Programs

+  Witch Bitch Whore™ Experience

+  Bitch Rehab™

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