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Welcome to The Audacious accelerator, my signature Wake TF up and smell the Bitch Coffee Monthly Membership.

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This a Power, Expression and Embodiment Accelerator for those who want to, unleash their most authentic selves & become unfuckwithable.


I’ve spent the last three years developing my unique and Whoracle tested Witch Bitch Whore Methodology to infuse your life with Practical Magic, unleash the Power to be who you want to be, say what you want to say, and live the life of your wildest dreams on YOUR terms.


That’s why I created This Audacious Memebership.

Imagine being dedicated monthly to being audacious, upleveling your power, manifesting your deepest desires, and learning how to handle your shit like a Big Bitch Pro.


Rather than riding the roller coaster of forcing ourselves to perform and then blowing it all off, you discover the best way to build consistent structure and discipline and do it all with pleasure.

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Are you ready to stop Fucking your own shit up and start taking audacious action?

each month you will be invited into a whoracle curated training and opportunity to step into more ownership, freedom, authentic power and embodiment. the goal is to set your soul free so you can let your life light you up like a supernova christmas tree!

Unleash Your Audacious Power

How to use the Bitch Power Tools to create Sacred Structure, Ritual and Devoted Discipline.

Unleash Your Audacious archetype

Create a your own personal audacious archetype and learn to embody it as a pathway to higher power.

Unleash Your Audacious Leadership

Be a powerful leader so you can be a show up bitch in your business and for your mission.



2x a month movement practice to unleash your Audacious Snake. This is a somatic dance, embodiment and pelvic liberation class. 

Unleash Your Audacious Expression

Lean into your most authentic expression and deliver your message in a way that feels really good.

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This Membership includes

  ⟡ 2x group teaching and Q&A calls with amy⟡

⟡ 2x somatic movement & embodiment classes⟡

⟡ a private community to play, practice and get support in⟡

When does the membership open?

We begin our journey in October. This month is our Orientation & Container Setting.

The doors open on October 16th.

CALL ONE - October 16 at 11 am PST 

Accelerator Program Basics and The Three Rules of Expansion 

CALL TWO - October 23 at 11 am PST 

A Deep Dive with Marwa into the importance of the movement practices, why they are part of the membership and what it means to “unleash” your Audacious Snake.

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Get access to:

Two Calls Per Month with Amy 

Two calls Per Month Embodiment & Movement Practice

A magical and supportive private Community

Both the Affordable Opulence and the High End Luxury package include the same thing, this is a sliding scale so you can choose at which level you invest monthly. Please choose to pay more if you are able.

Affordable opulence


High end



The ChampagnE room upgrade

If you want to guaranteed 1:1 time once a month with Amy in a small group setting, say YES to the Champagne Room! There will be one group of no more than 10.

So grab your spot while you still can!

The $222 is in addition to your monthly membership fee

Audacious Initiation  (3840 × 500 px).png
Audacious Initiation  (3840 × 500 px).png

Cancelation policy- 

This is a month to month membership. You can cancel anytime within 7 days of your next payment date. There are no refunds, or prorated refunds. Once you cancel, you will be removed from the membership.

Who is this Container for?

You are reading this page thinking to yourself “This is exactly what I need!”... even though you might be scared shitless!


You run what looks like a successful business but behind the scenes, it’s a high-level shit show, and you are ready to fix it.


You don’t take any of your own advice, and you would fire yourself if you worked anywhere else but for yourself. 


You want to embody the most powerful version of yourself, and you seriously need help


You have a message and vision so big it scares you so instead of showing up you keep hiding.


You are a top-notch self saboteur, and you are tired of your own excuses and bullshit!


You know exactly what you want to do, but the problem is you aren’t doing it!

Who is this not for?

Bitches whose shit is so on lock they are tired of crushing it all day and only have the energy to get out their crystal wands and self pleasure!


Those who enjoy fucking their own shit up and DON’T want to bring more structure and pleasure to their business.


Those who LOVE making it hard and don’t want to take an honest look at themselves and how they have been getting in their own way.


Those who don’t want to take responsibility and only want to hire someone else to *try* to make them accountable because they aren’t willing to show up for themselves and have no interest in taking ownership.


People who don’t like cursing and think the words Witch, Bitch and/or Whore are upsetting or offensive


Well, my friend, if you are still reading, it's time to put on your Big Bitch Pants and join Audacious!

Audacious Initiation  (3840 × 500 px).png

it's time to join The Audacious ACCELERATOR Membership


We work with the Audacious Pillars of Unleashment and the 3 Es of Freedomme: Empowerment, Embodiment, and Expression to turn out the most Audacious version of yourself.


This is a powerful repatterning, reconditioning and rebirth from the inside out.


No more hiding. No more silencing that inner voice that keeps telling you to be bigger, bolder, louder in a world that has taught you to shut TF up and never be anything other than pretty, polite, and perfect. Fuck that! 


It’s time to stop talking about stepping into your power and finally doing it!!

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