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Hey Bitches…

Check yourself into Bitch Rehab™ and step into a level of power you never knew existed!

Are you tired of being afraid to be visible?

Are you exhausted by your inability to express yourself exactly how you want?

Do you suck at setting boundaries?

Do you stifle your speaking because you are scared of making others angry or upset?

Does the thought of being an advocate for yourself and showing up for yourself in your business or relationships make you want to run and hide?

Are you a total bitch to yourself and everyone else?

Do you repress yourself and then fly off the handle and blow

everything up in a flaming bitch bomb?


Bitch Rehab™ is a group program I created because the Bitch archetype is extremely misunderstood and the one I see women struggle with the most. This is the case whether they are over expressed in their bitch, under expressed in their bitch, or both at the same time! 

Bitch can be a confusing energy to reclaim for women because she has two sides to her coin and a wide range on the spectrum of her expression. She can be empowered or disempowered. Balanced or Unbalanced.

In Bitch Rehab™, I will walk you through the most effective ways I have found to flip a bitch from disempowered to empowered and from unbalanced to balanced so you can be a Boss Bichata and step into your absolute Power as the Sovereign Queen of your life.

I break it all down in Rehab through 12 weeks of live group coaching calls and 12 weeks of accompanying modules and a Facebook group to drop into for support and bitch camaraderie and connection.

And…If you’re sitting there thinking to yourself, I don’t really feel comfortable with Bitch energy, or that word doesn’t resonate with me, or I’m scared, that’s cool too. Sign up. Trust that you are here reading these words for a reason, cause your inner bitch is clearly the one who pulled you in! 

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If you have been watching me, wondering how I am doing what I am doing and wish you could show up like me, you OBVIOUSLY need Bitch Rehab! 

If you want to feel powerful and confident.

If you want to tap into and access levels of power you never knew existed.

If you want to be visible and speak your truth with your full voice.

If you want to free yourself from the conditioning that holding your power is dangerous.

If you know you are here on a holy fire mission and are tired of ducking divine guidance while you hide and play small.

If you are done being a Bitch to yourself and your Body.

If you are a Bitch in Relationships and allowing your fear of abandonment to cause you to feel alone and rejected.

If you are too busy telling your partner and everyone else what is wrong with them to look at how your own life is falling apart.

If you have abandoned yourself and blame everyone else for not fulfilling your needs.

If you have terrible boundaries, can’t say no and deplete yourself giving and doing for everyone else.

If you keep saying you are going to launch your business or do what you truly desire in life and don’t do shit. If your inner bitch is constantly kicking your ass and f*cking you up. 

Then you need Bitch Rehab!

Do your inner Bitch a favor and check yourself in. SHE IS BEGGING YOU TO DO IT!

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The reason I launched Bitch Rehab™ is because I am a bitch first before any of the other archetypes.


I was born a baby bitch, after all and have pursued empowerment my whole life! If you have heard me speak about my work, you know it is divinely guided, and bitch is the archetype I have been guided to create an intensive experience around now.


Bitch must be strong in order to do the work that we are being called to do here in the world. 


Bitch is a master key to many things. When I think of Bitch - I think of the HEART chakra. When she is balanced, she becomes exponentially effective. She is fire. Not easily conquered or directed, unless she chooses to be. So, it’s time to give that a Bitch a job.


Put her in charge of what makes you feel powerful and safe.  Running your life, setting your boundaries, holding your space and protecting you as you step into the version you would be if you had been born free.  

Being a Bitch doesn’t mean you give up being nice or having empathy, understanding and compassion. It means you are no longer available to sacrifice your time, body and energy while you martyr and murder your needs, wants and desires for others. A compassionate and grounded bitch is a very powerful bitch. 

There are many faces of Bitch. What you perceive in me may be fearless, bold, and unapologetic. There is also the compassionate and loving bitch, a mama bear Bitch, a warrior Bitch, a Queen Bee Bitch, a Bitch Queen and so many more. You get to play the full range of Bitch. All the keys of possibility.

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There are many ways to describe the archetype of Bitch when she is balanced and empowered:

She is the warrior

The Regal Queen

The protector energy

The space holder

The way maker for a woman in the world

Fierce female power

Your source of will and action

She has mastery of her mind and consciously chooses her thoughts

She is an Emotional Masteress. 

The driving force

The truth talker

Mama Bear energy

The Wolf and Wild woman

The creator and destroyer

Center Fire

She can be Yang energy, the concept of Shiva and what some might call “masculine”


A balanced Bitch is vital for Business. 

I see many choosing business programs believing that more business training is what they need to succeed. You feeling powerful, you being able to freely express yourself and feel safe being visible are equally as important.

People want to be invited and that invitation can be very effective when it comes in the form of seduction from your powerful, bewitching, mesmerizing confident Bitchy Witchy Heaux... not sold to by an out of control, angry, needy, defensive, lack minded unbalanced disempowered scaredy bitch!


You call humans in with your authority, authenticity, integrity and your clear ability to hold them powerfully in a container. 

How can you create and run the business of your dreams if you are being a bitch to yourself and telling yourself how it’s not working and you are getting it all wrong six ways from Sunday.

How can anyone know what you do if you can’t stand firmly on your feet and deliver your message in a way that is uniquely you, lets people know exactly what you do and how they can hire you? 

How can you get clients or capture attention on a busy landscape if you are terrified to speak or show your authentic face?


If you are invisible, or barely visible, literally no one can see you!

How can you ask for and receive what you are worth if you are constantly telling yourself you don’t deserve it?

How can you be a beacon for transformation if you are constantly beating the shit out of yourself and tearing yourself down off your own perch for not being good enough?

How can you be the Boss Bitch CEO and create your dreams if you can’t set boundaries, guard your energy or give clear direction because you are worried people will think you are a Bitch?

How can you call humans to your offerings if you are afraid to call them because you tell yourself nightmares about how much everyone will hate you if you do?

Reclaiming Bitch makes everything Better!

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Amy Lorbati YESSSS!  Thank you, it's true!  Thanks for opening my mind and destigmatizing these words and reframing them into words of empowerment.  It takes ovaries the size of cantaloupes to do what you are doing.  Keep up the great work of unshackling women from the ancestral programming of playing small.   Xoxo
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$999- Pay in Full

Get access to the weekly calls, private facebook container and all 12 of the prerecorded modules.



$333.33 - 3 month plan

Get access to the weekly calls, private facebook container and all 12 of the prerecorded modules.

$333.33 per month

x 3 months


$99/m - 10 month plan

Get access to the weekly calls, private facebook container and all 12 of the prerecorded modules.

$99 per month

x 10 months

FAQ's + Logistics

How long is Bitch Rehab?

Bitch Rehab is 90 Days! That’s 12 weeks with you, me + a pack of powerful bitches. We kick off the week of February 14th. Imagine what will shift in your life if you commit to 90 days of not being a Bitch to yourself and dropping into a container dedicated to the expansion of Your Inner Power?

When are the calls?

Tuesdays at 11 am PST

Mark your calendars, Bishtinis! My live coaching and transmission are powerful AF and I love to work with the energy of those present. I do my best to give everyone in the program the opportunity to experience this work live. Replays will be available and those who have listened to replays of my content have experienced powerful activations, so don’t fret if you can’t be with me live. 

What happens if I want to check out of rehab? Can I get my money back?

Once you check into Rehab, there are no refunds. However, my containers are transformational fire and I bring it with.

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